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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Milky Spore?
    Milky Spore is a naturally occurring bacterium that affects Japanese Beetle grubs and nothing else.

Q. How fast does the spore work?
    Milky Spore begins working upon application wherever grubs are feeding. Warm climates can achieve complete control in 1 to 3 years. Colder areas may require 3 to 5 years.  

Q. How long does it last?
    The spore is guaranteed to remain viable for ten years.

Q. Will freezing temperatures ruin the spore? What about heavy rain?
    Freezing weather, heavy rain or other environmental conditions should not affect Milky Spore.

Q. Will fertilizer affect the spore?
    No. Milky Spore is not affected by lawn chemicals. They may be applied immediately before or after applying Milky Spore.

Q. Can I use Milky Spore in the vegetable garden?
    Yes! Milky Spore is harmless to food crops, because it is host specific to control only Japanese Beetle grubs. Milky Spore is not registered for pasture land.

Q. Should children and pets be kept off the treated lawn?
    No. Milky Spore is not a poison. It will not affect humans, pets, birds, fish,     ponds, streams, well water, or beneficial insects and their ecosystems.

Q. Can I mix the Spore in water and spray it?
    No! Milky Spore must be applied in its original dry state.

Q. Can I cut my grass after applying the spore?
    No. Mow your lawn before applying the product. Then water the spore into the soil by rain or water sprinkler for 15 minutes or longer.

Q. What if I treat my yard and my neighbor doesn’t?
    Your lawn will be protected even if it is surrounded by untreated property. Milky Spore will spread by natural movement.

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